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Monday, August 2, 2010

New blog!

Hi everybody!! I've made a new blog and it's called Cottoncandy'sTOTALLYGREENblog! To get to it click View My Complete Profile button! Please leave comment's on my blog to tell me what you think about it. Thank's Cottoncandy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Piggers and penny please stop fighting and be friends agian!

PENNY AND PIGGERS PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT POST! Hi penny hi piggers,please stop fighting and piggers,penny said that YOU where her best friend! Please stop being mad at penny! Please be buddies again!! And penny I hope your not mad at me,I never ment anything I said,and i'm sure piggers dident mean any harm! I hope me carly and piggers can be your friends and I also hope that your not mad anymore piggers and penny if your mad,just to let you know I did not mean anything! Bye,BEST WISHES FOR PENNY AND PIGGERS! From Cottoncandy

CONSTABLE MCGUFFS PARTY WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody! I hope YOU DID NOT miss CONSTABLE MCGUFF'S PARTY! Why do I hope so? CAUSE IT WAS AWSOME! We played a geussing game but I did not get anything right BOO HOO but MY favorite game was the DANCE CONTEST!! We all got to pick TEAMS and I think I got the best team members,PENNY AND FURRS Furrs was the Leader of our team actually he was the best in our team lol! Wanna know a cool THING? All the teams got 20,000 COINS!! Because a new moderater "Constable mcguffs brother-Sir Ham Ham" said and thought we all did the best! Now let me tell you about sir ham ham-Constable mcguffs brother- well,first of all Sir ham ham can't spell words that well! And he get's mixed up alot. Like when he said "Thank You'" to a Hamster he said "BANK YOU" and he was supposed to say thank you,so we all had to correct him! LOL!! Oh and here's something else sir ham ham said,ok he said he was going to give us all of our beans! And we all new he got that WAY off! He said alot of other things that I cannot put in this post because I think I am making it to long lol. But just to let you know constable mcguff is going to be having this awsome party every month so I hope furrs and penny can come so we can make an awsome team again!! Bye everybody! -Cottoncandy- -Please Vote On My Polls!-

Sunday, July 18, 2010

THE MINION is back!

Hi buddies The minion is back,and want's to take kinara,and take over EcoBuddies! He even says PESTO lied,but none of us believe that. Im on ecobuddies right now while I am posting this and Minions sidekick is here,but it dosent seem like hes doing anything all hes doing is siting there,I will have more information on this post later.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello buddies,its agent cottoncandy here! I have something to report,today me and kinara where investigating, and we found a few notes,here is one of them "I have already took all takin all the money in eb and now im after sc" Kinara will post the other note on her blog but I have some of the note here it is "I have stolen pesto's wand,and table,and some crystals." I found a wet and dirty note with half his name I don't know if it is his last or first but here it is "Capt" is the half I could see because the note was dirty and wet. I think he could be after jc if he is after is sc. Me and kinara will look for clues again later. Bye!-Cottoncandy

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Constable Mcguff is having a party!

Hi everybody,its me Cottoncandy,and I was just letting you know that Constable mcguff,my favorite worker/police on ecobuddies is having a party! But it's only for Member's,but if your not a member how about you have a parade while that party is going on? Non-Member's have fun at your parade! Here's some information about Constable McGuff's party! -WHERE:Member's Castle WHEN:Saturday July 24 TIME:11 am PST,12 pm Central , 1pm Mountain,2pm EST WHY:He's Excited about the AWSOME videos in the castle! K hope you all can come bye!!